Advantage Signs is a twin cities based company with over 20 years experience selling traffic signs in Minnesota. Give us the chance to help you with your traffic signs, parking signs, road signs, street signs, posts,safttey cones, traffic cones, hardware, installation and more.                
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Traffic Cones

Traffic Cones

ll vinyl construction assures durability and flexibility in all weather conditions.

Long lasting brilliant fluorescent color provides high visibility protection.

Ultraviolet stabilized color provides maximum resistance to fading.

High density base creates low center of gravity for maximum stability.

Choose from 6 sizes – 5”, 6”, 12”, 18”, 28”, 36” – available in various weights and styles to meet specific needs.

Engineered to meet MUTCD specifications.

Options, such as stenciling and reflective collars are available.
28” 5 lb Trim Line cone
28” 5 lb Trim Line cone with 6” and 4” 3M collar
Special Pricing
18" Traffic Cone
Special Pricing
Traffic Safety - The Divertor Channelizer
42” height
•High-impact, low-density polyethylene with reinforced loop handle
•Break-away design
•Stackable with or without bases
•Two mounting holes for warning lights and signs
•Extra tabs around base of Divertor for “Positive Lockup” with all bases
•Available with reflective sheeting of all styles and widths
•Meets federal M.U.T.C.D. standards
•Easy-grip handle
•Choice of 100% recycled rubber base 16# hexagon shape
•10# and 30# bases available but not stocked. Call for information.
•Includes 4 6" HIP reflective bands.
•The quality you have come to expect from Advantage Signs, Inc
•Impact resistant, low-density polyethylene

•Safety orange with ultraviolet stabilizer for fade resistance

Traffic Safety - The Traffic Cone - Tri-Glo
Material •One Piece Construction
     •All PVC Cone
     • Base – Black PVC
     •Underliner Pink PVC
     •Top Coat – Highly Pigmented PVC – UV Stabilized

     •Tensile Strength =1200 psi (minimum)
     •Elongation = 200% (minimum)
     •Tear Strength = 250 lbs/inch (minimum)
     •Hardness (Conical Section) = 75 +/- 5 Shore A
     •Heat Resistance = No slump after 8 Hrs. @ 160º F
     •Low Temperature Strength = 10 ft/lb @ -5º F

     •Reflective collar and non-collared versions available

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1-877-395-9610   FAX 651-636-8889
Call To Buy Signs
23" x 40" low density polyethylene
traffic drum. 4" and 6" HIP sheeting
and tire ring base.
Open Top Delineators. 42" or 28".
Reflective bands 3" or 4" wide.
Claw Delineator. Features claw handle
for easy placement and pick-up.
Comes in 42" and 28" heights.
8, 10, 12, and 18 lb bases.
28"  7 lb Trim Line Cone with 6" and 4" 3M collar
Special Pricing